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Shoo Fly, Shoe Horse #7

17th Dec 2018, 6:00 AM in Shoo Fly, Shoe Horse
Shoo Fly, Shoe Horse #7
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Centaur71 19th Nov 2022, 12:00 AM
Even in this day/age, cattle rustling is WAY frowned on in Texas…
Silverwolf 14th Mar 2023, 9:30 PM
And there's also potentially hostile wildlife.

And the benefit of plinking. There are some guns I'd like to shoot as long as there's a nice safe range. Though I won't recommend the .50AE Desert Eagle...the ballistics are tight, but the action sucks. The one I had always jammed on the last round, sometimes the slide wouldn't seat forward all the way, and the ejector popped straight up, which means that when taking up the recoil, they eject back at you. I'd rather have a .45ACP like grandpa had.
Centaur71 14th Mar 2023, 11:22 PM
…or even a 9mm. Barretta!